Hey there, my name is Aleksandr. 

I’m a seasoned video editor with over 22 years of experience.  My portfolio covers a wide spectrum of projects, from collaborations with renowned brands and local creatives to documentaries, short films, promos, commercials. Additionally, I’ve excelled in multi-camera editing for large concert top musicians and international festivals. I graduated from the leading University of Cinematography in my country, where my thesis project in film editing was ranked among the top three by the examination committee.

Possessing a keen sense of rhythm and style, I adhere to briefs, tasks, and deadlines while infusing each project with my unique creative vision.

My artistic sensibilities are complemented by strong storytelling and documentary skills, as well as extensive experience in all aspects of post-production for both short and long format projects.

My skills have been enhanced by my experience teaching video editing at my own film school in the center of the Russian capital and three years of acting and public speaking training at a theater studio. 

Furthermore, my extensive experience as a cameraman and photographer has nurtured my keen eye for observing color combinations in the world around us. This appreciation has greatly contributed to my proficiency in post-production color correction.